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I have a really good experience, nice and clean office ☺️ professional team!!
Very careful with this place, I do not recommend it at all , all the staff attentive but the asian stomatologist 0 professional, she only try to extract a tooth from my child for money when it was not even necessary, literally she left my husband and I alone during the consultation, she just left and left us there, with a little less experience we would have let her extract The tooth to my child and of course it would cost a good sum of money, I don’t recommend it, go to a reliable place, this without going into many details of why I wouldn’t take my child more
Best service imo. Can’t go wrong with Mason Dentistry
The doctor, assistants and receptionist are all friendly and professional.
I have developed a deep appreciation for the team at Mason Dentistry. Before discovering their practice, I had a previous dental experience that was quite traumatic. However, during my first visit, I took the opportunity to share my concerns and fears with the team, and they handled the situation with utmost professionalism and understanding.I am particularly impressed by the exceptional skills and friendliness displayed by Alex and the other dental assistants. They have gone above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and at ease during each visit. Whether it’s a deep cleaning, a root canal, an extraction, or even starting and completing my orthodontic treatment, I have consistently received outstanding care from this team.I have become such a fan of their services that I have enthusiastically recommended Mason Dentistry to my friends and family members. As a result, they too have become regular patients at the practice. I am truly grateful for the exceptional care and attention I receive from this team. Thank you, Mason Dentistry Team, for everything you do!read more
We had a great experience at Mason Dentistry. The front office staff is very helpful.
I had one of the best dental treatments in this office , Jessica was so helpful and kind during check in, and Alex helped me calm my anxiety so much while I was getting X-rays and waiting to get the procedure started, and Dr. Tran was so gentle while injecting the anesthesia and during the treatment. Overall the best experience I’ve had yet at a dental appointment!. If I could leave 10 stars I would!!!read more
Amazing dental office! I’ve been getting my dental cleanings here for a while and always feel satisfied with the customer service and attentiveness to detail. Shoutout to Dr. Tran and Alex for taking care of more
Last minute emergency- they helped me out last minute and were nice and accommodating! Really appreciate Mason Dentistry!
The dentist was really kind and soft handed, I bearly felt anything, overall it was a 10/10
Excellent customer service….always recommend it!!!!
Los recomiendo por ser tan profesionales y atentos con mi pequeña.
Love, love this dental office. Highly recommend. It’s the most comfortable I’ve been in all my time going to the dentist. They take the time to explain all your options and and are very good with my kids also. Will continue to go. Thank you to all the staff more
Beautiful office! Staff super friendly! Would definitely recommend to go!
PLEASE BE AWARE: Consultation is not free like other dentist offices. $89 for X-rays and the Dr to tell you what work you need. No where does it mention on their online appt setting feature that this has a cost. Only the expectation of service the “consultation” it. When I asked the price coordinator she claimed she “is a private office, not a bigger dental office” to provide a free consultation. Called her 10% off offer the best there was available for paying cash, after paying $89 and you “giving me a discount” your saving me $100 for paying you cash, no people this place LOVES insurance money so they can continue to price gouge them. Pay attention. There’s nothing here that deems this place a private office. Prices are higher compared to other locations not willing to price match the competition. I have had deep cleanings and cavities filled for $1200 at other dental offices while this place did not make an attempt to work with a cash paying customer. They have the same medical grade tools and equipment you will find in another dentist office.

Dr. Chow all the while kept yelling at her dental assistants about another patient who still had questions and said “if he had more questions he should have asked while I was still in the room
In the chair” also before coming in my room kept telling the customer that all the work he needed was “making her back hurt”. They were understaffed I know because the Dr. said it herself. I believe the dental assistant Alex asked for assistance and he basically just got attitude for asking for help. I-pad asked you what was the reason for switching previous dentist and when you don’t read or listen to what the patient input it shows.

This is what you pay for when you come to a private dentist I guess. Certainly not coming back until your level of professionalism and customer service has a hard u-turn in the right direction. Tired of these places price gouging people for them coming in for medical treatment. Go somewhere else. My sons Private dentist who can truly call himself that is a hell of a lot more reasonable than this place. Save yourself the headache, frustration and pain of going to THIS dentist.
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PLEASE BE AWARE: Consultation is not free like other dentist offices. $89 for X-rays and the Dr to tell you what work you need. When I asked the price coordinator she claimed she “is a private office, not a bigger dental office” to provide a free consultation. Prices are higher compared to other locations not willing to price match the competition. I have had deep cleanings and cavities filled for $1200 at other dental offices while this place did not make an attempt to work with a cash paying customer. Called her 10% off offer the best there was available.Dr. Chow all the while kept yelling at her dental assistants about another patient who still had questions and said “if he had more questions he should have asked while I was still in the roomIn the chair” also before coming in my room kept telling the customer that all the work he needed was “making her back hurt”.This is what you pay for when you come to a private dentist I guess. What a more
Great office. Alex was very kind and helpful.
Excelente equipo de trabajo. Mi mejor experiencia en una clinica dental muy profesionales
Alex was amazing in assisting with my Endodontic procedure. He answered all my questions before and after. Dr. Tran did an amazing job on my RC, therefore I am no longer in pain. I highly recommend more
Alex & Aileen were very helpful and kind when answering my insurance questions! Also my dental exam went great! Wonderful and clean dental office!
Exquisite service, lovely lady named Aileen and a polite gentleman named Alex.
My interactions with the staff and the doctor, Mrs. Dr Tran, couldn’t have been more thoroughly professional. And then there was the immaculately clean and museumesque aesthetics internally! Wow!! See just one of my many photos more
Very quick, personable, and professional. I’ll definitely be back.
Staff was super friendly and approachable! Totally recommend 👍🏻
Me recomendaron la clínica a través de mi familia, ya que atendieron a mi papá, a mi mamá y a mi hermana y todos salieron muy satisfechos de los trabajos realizados.En lo personal, no me gusta ir al dentista, pero un dolor intenso me llevó a la cita. necesito una extracción. Salí feliz de la atención, mi Doctora muy cuidadosa y pendiente de mi en todo momento, me dio la tranquilidad que nadie me había dado y salí feliz y sin more
En mi viaje a Katy tuve una urgencia dental. Fue agradable poder encontrar un servicio de calidad fuera de casa. La atención fenomenal y el detalle del trabajo de la dras en Mason Dentistry excelente!
Mason Dentistry has done an amazing job on my teeth. I will be doing all my dentistry here. Daniella is great. The other front staffs here are also very personable, with care given for privacy when discussing anything from medications, to my procedures and insurance coverage. Everyone at the clinic do a great job making me feel comfortable and cared for whenever I come more
Llegué con la doctora con una infección en tres muelas diferentes. La infección era tan fuerte qué inclusive se me pasó a la cara. Toda la cara dolía. Inmediatamente me puso en antibióticos, me hizo la recomendación de extraer dos muelas y empezar con una limpieza dental. Al siguiente día me hizo una limpieza profunda de dientes y empecé a sentir cómo me regresaba el alma al cuerpo. Lo qué permitió seguir con los antibióticos y poder programar la extracción de las muelas. Pasados dos días, llegué a mi cirugía. Duró aproximadamente 2 hora. Se lograron sacar las muelas completas. Se esperaba un periodo de recuperarse de 5 días. Un día después de la operación me levanté sin inflamación. Agradecido more
Got my wisdom teeth removed and it was better than I expected. Some soreness pain after but it is expected. They are caring, and made appointment for follow up to make sure I do ok. Highly recommend.
amazing people here , quick work and no pain.
I went to Mason Dentistry a few days ago for a routine cleaning and to get a check up on my wisdom teeth. I have been going there for quite some time and it has always been a good experience, however this visit exceeded my expectations. My wisdom teeth have just started growing in so I was a bit concerned and had some questions about the process in general. The assistant was amazing at explaining the general process as well as sharing her personal experience with getting her wisdom teeth removed, which I really appreciated because it made me feel so much more at ease. I was told I can hold off on taking out my wisdom teeth at this time which is a huge relief. I thank you for your professional opinion!😀read more
Tenía muchos temores y sabía que tenía que hacerme una endodoncia pero estaba pasando la idea de hacermela. Finalmente conocí a la doctora en Mason Dentistry quien me realizó la endodoncia, previo al servicio me explico con bastante Claridad y amplitud cómo iba a ser el procedimiento y debo decirlo CERO DOLOR, estoy muy satisfecha con el trabajo more
Everyone was very nice from the time I called to schedule, arrived and left. Alex was very awesome 👏🏽 he made sure I was comfortable during the entire process. Everything was discussed in details about what I wanted and what I needed. The dentist was awesome she explained what she recommend and why. She also provided detailed information on procedure done thru the entire process. The receptionist was very thorough telling me about my insurance coverage too. I will definitely recommend people to this location and I’m already got booked for my future appointments thanks to more
I called them early yesterday ( the only clinic opens) for an emergency appointment for my wisdom toothache and I got to see them at 10am and solve my tooth pain the same day! Their online appointment and check-in is so smooth with no waiting to fill out paperwork! Their professionalism, patient attentiveness and high efficiency will earn a return customer!read more
La súper recomiendo ya que además me considero una paciente difícil para trabajar. Son muy considerados , no te hacen doler e intentan salvar la pieza dental hasta último momento. Todos los arreglos que me he hecho me quedaron excelentes y han durado en el tiempo.Muy clara al dar las indicaciones sobre mi futuro more
Llegué con un muy mal trabajo de lugares anteriores y me ayudaron a repararlo siendo los más profesionales, sin dolor alguno y excelente recuperación, aparte de comprenderme y ayudarme a superar mis miedos.
No dudaría en atenderme cualquier emergencia de tal con la, quedé mas que satisfecho con el trabajo.
read more
They are good at the dental work and the reception is always able to easily explain and resolve any particular oddities with your healthcare plans. I have delta dental. Tip: make sure you know what your insurance cover so you have a realistic expectation and your portion of the more
Ella atiende mi tratamiento de ortodoncia, y he visto mucho cambio en poco tiempo. Me siento muy feliz y más segura con mi nueva sonrisa. Atención personalizada y precios muy accesibles.
Recomiendo su servicio Totalmente
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Highly recommend! They were able to squeeze in my wife on a Saturday at the last minute. She was there for an impacted wisdom tooth extraction. We were out the door in 30 minutes. Super fast. Great staff and reasonable price. I would definitely go back for full dental more
Fantastic dentist and tooth filling and cleaning. The clinic have automatic text follow-up on a routine procedure which is very convenient. Overall very impressed as a whole by this clinic! Clean, prompt, friendly, fast, more
I called like 20 times and they never answer the phone even if you want to make an appointment
I originally came to drain a dental abscess. Since then, I have been a patient at Mason Dentistry. I have always appreciated her professional but friendly manner and how she explains the options from all perspectives and do not rush you. She also has had good staff associates working more
My son had to get some wisdom teeth removed. We had a consultation and they took the time to explain the procedure and addressed any questions or concerns we had. They do not have sedation but they did a wonderful job with my son.On the day the extraction took place, the procedure was as tolerable as could be. They also followed up with a phone call of concern.Highly recommend Mason Dentistry as all the staff we interacted with are really friendly and more
I’ve only had 2 appointments so far because I’m a new patient here, and I need a lot of work. I’ve started this process with several dentists over the last several years, and not one place even comes close to the experience I’ve had at Mason Dentistry so far, including getting me an emergency appointment for an emergency extraction this past weekend on very short notice. There is truly a sense that the entire team cares about you, and wants you to have an informed and comfortable appointment. It’s not about fluff or showing off here, it’s about reasonable, appropriate, and common sense care for the patient. I look forward to finally getting the dental care that I need, along with the comfort of knowing I’m in good hands from start to more
Los tratamientos son accesibles y de buena calidad, ademas tiene buena ubicación facil de llegar.Fui muy bien atendido, con personal profesional, muy eficiente y capacitado, ademas de una atención muy amable y grata, solucionaros mi dolor de muela more
They care about their patients and it shows. I was referred to the clinic by a friend after I had moved to Cinco Ranch. I have had my orthodontics, checkup, and cleanings there ever since..and all experiences have been straightforward and no hassle at more
They are great, customer service amazing my son going to them for his breacess and me and my yongestvas well nowThey answer phone everytime you called even after hours the second they open they return your callStaff amazingAll Dr are great especially Dr choAnd their price reasonableread more
Very friendly staff and knowledgeable dentist. No hassle taking care of my teeth and get the job done.
Viajo mucho y muchas veces no tengo tiempo de atenderme así que ella se hizo un espacio a final de su jornada para terminar mi endodoncia a pesar de estar fuera de su horario.
The dentist who manage the clinic was very good. She froze me very well I have had issues with freezing. Very gentle, takes her time and is very kind. After she brought up the X-ray , she also took pictures and show me where the cavities and where I need to do a better job at cleaning my teeth. I was very pleased with the more
They were the only clinic open before the holiday and I was in so much pain. They were able to take out my tooth to get rid of the pain. They did tell me a root canal redo would be better but I cant afford a root canal. Anyway I am happy they treated the infection and let me enjoy the holiday without more
I had some issues in my small chipped tooth, They were very helpful in providing me the right answers. They squeezed me in for an emergency appointment to fix a chipped tooth within 15 minutes of me calling. Not to mention that the result was awesome! Thanks so much!read more
Overall the service is great, the texting system was confusing but got better now. They learn and value your suggestions for improvement. I appreciate that in a dental clinic. Let’s grow and learn together so you can take care of my more
El consultorio muy acogedor y con buena ubicación👍🏼 están en el consultorio 509..dan solución a casos difíciles como el mío, que sufría de bruxismo. Todos nosotros hemos quedado more
Mason Dentistry was able to identify that my son had a jaw issue that required early intervention and assisted us in seeking out treatment immediately. No other dental office had identified the condition, let alone the benefits of early treatment. They saved him from requiring major jaw surgery in the future.My husband had issue that has been ongoing with the previous care for well over 4 months and was resolved in 2 visits! We appreciate their warmth, care, reasonableness and compassion!read more
Got in on emergency basis (infected tooth need root canal). I felt very welcomed and was thoroughly taken care of. They are very informative before and after procedures, and did great work getting me out of more
They are very helpful fixing one of my crowns which was done years ago. They did some adjustments and the pain was gone a few days later. I was stressed out from the pain and they made me feel right at home. I also did a couple of fillings in their clinic and they all went more
All the staff are helpful and kind. We have been going to Mason Dentistry for cleaning and cavity filling for nearly 2 years. They do a great job for our family.
Always a good experience. I really appreciated how everyone took their time to answere any questions I had, without rushing me through my appointment. I love that they just simply lay out your options when an issue with a tooth arises, letting you decide how you wish to proceed.I wouldn’t go anywhere more
Me operé ahi hace algun tiempo y ningún problema. Era algo complicado y me había costado encontrar un lugar que lo hiciera y a un precio razonable.Todas han cumplido con creces mis expectativas. Lo mas importante es que no te inventan diagnó more
When we needed fillings, it was a comfortable and quick appointment, that helped with the overall experience of going to the dentist.
The first visit the dentist was very patient and listened my concerns and requests. Second visit was complete and the both dentist very calm and listened to me. They are friendly and experts in their field from teeth cleaning to crowns to braces and when they can’t solve a problem they discuss with each other to find the best solution for me. Thank you for being so supportive of our dental more
Close to 99 ranch market , easy parking. I had one filling, a cleaning, two extractions of my wisdom tooth and one root-canal and crown on a few appointments. They record all the X-rays, work and pictures, so they very update.I think they doing a very good job and care about you, they make sure you leave from there satisfied. I like the fact that they went out of there way to fit me in last minute when i was in pain.Whole team very nice and hardworking, including the front desk more
Very welcoming, trustworthy and professional. I was checked in by the two young women at the reception desk. I went in asking about veneers and they advised me to get teeth whitening and the results was what I was looking for! Instead of taking my money, they properly informed me with better options that was much cheaper and plus keeping my own teeth!read more
Went to get my wisdom teeth removed. Not a fun thing to look forward too. It was a good experience considering. The doctor was very very good at her job and now it’s a relief to have them out. Will return in a few days as they instructed to make sure everything more
very flexible and easy to schedule, can even book an appointment online in google. The doctors here are also very patient and explain their findings and recommendations and never rush anyone to make a hasty choice or decisionread more
Vengo trabajando con Mason Dentist para terminar la terapia básica de mi boca y les comento que estoy satisfecho con todo el trabajo que se a echo. Mi boca era un desamarré y ahora ya está lista para empezar la ortodoncia que también voy a hacer con ellos. Atento, cuidadoso y sobre todo buena more
I had a filling fell off. Needed an emergency appointment and called my previous dental clinic. no spots until July. I showed up and got the exam and the dentist was great! She even gave me a new filling right then and there. Also a good cleaning too. I was in and out in less than an hour! I will switch to Mason Dentistry as my dentist from now on. Highly recommend 👍🏼read more
Resolvieron mi problema rapidamente. Ellas son practicas y rapidas!!
Atención puesta al detalle y excelencia.Una dentista con integridad. Consulté por un blanqueamiento pero entendí la necesidad de una boca sana primero. Gracias doctora.
New to Katy and found them very thorough and kind. Attentive to your needs. Had a filling replaced and a cleaning and these guys are fantastic, didn’t feel a thing.
Buena atención, buen servicio en la parte de limpieza dental y ortodoncia maneja buenos precios.
estoy satisfecha con su trabajo honesto, siempre está en contacto para recordar las indicaciones o para saber como te sientes. Te recomienda lo justo, trabaja de la manera más delicada posible y paciente. Estoy satisfecha con mi protector more
Had a cleaning and a filling done, fastest most thorough dentist I have been to. The staff are all friendly and took the time to make sure I understood each xray I was looking at. I can’t believe how fast the filling was I get extremely anxious about needles but I didn’t feel a thing.To the guy who complained they didn’t get your paperwork done: it is your responsibility to contact your old dentist. If you want to get treatment done, it makes sense YOU should help them help YOU..I would highly recommend this dental office. They do go out of their way to help you the best way they two more
Que bueno encontrar médicos que invierten en la tecnología para la salud y de verdad brindan soluciones actualizadas. tomografia 3D, en un minuto literal ya no tenía mi muela del juicio. Gracias Doc, la odontología empieza a ser otra cosa!read more
La doctora es muy profesional; me saco mis cordales que estaban dentro de la encía de forma horizontal y durante la cirugía no sentí nada de dolor y me dio las mejores indicaciones antes y después del procedimiento, además fue muy amable. Yo me siento more
Very bad work ethic, I took my daughter a month ago to get braces in a Saturday and after they were done with her cleaning they said they were going to send out all the information on Monday. I’ve been calling every week since then and no one gives me an answer. Finally someone decided to call me back and that they just sent out the paperwork and now I got to wait 2 more weeks!! There was no issue with the insurance or anything about that. I was told they needed to request some paperwork from previous dental office and it would take about 2 weeks for them to get them. I just don’t understand why they don’t keep customers updated whenever there’s an issue with anything but once they called me back all they were saying was “we understand and we’re sorry” and that’s all they kept more
Hola soy paciente de este consultorio y es grato recomendarles ser atendidos en Mason Dentistry fui a una extracción de muela y gracias a dios y al doctora fue excelente atención hoy tengo una fabulosa recuperación graciasread more
Took my daughter in for an exam and cleaning. After those they started she needed a filling and some sealant on a few teeth.they were able to do it right then, no waiting or booking another appointment. The dental assistant was so polite and really good talking to my kiddo to help her through the process. They had us in and out in less than an hour!read more
Excelente trabajo. Me realizaron un implante en Mason Dentistry y es como si nunca hubiera perdido el diente. Trato agradable y profesional. Altamente recomendados.
La Dra. Tran, exelente trabajo de carillas muy buen precio para el paciente y muy limpia su área de trabajo(A atendido a toda mi familia)
Estupenda atención por parte del doctora, te revisa con cautela, te explica el procedimiento que realizará según cada caso y resuelve todas las dudas que pueden surgir.Me realizó una endodoncia y una colocación de corona, con el resultado final quedé muy feliz, lo recomiendo more
buenas noches, mi experiencia con las doctores de Mason Dentistas en Katy no pudo ser mejor! Todo el proceso desde el primer dia fue altamente profesional e informativo. Se tomaron el tiempo de hacer sus analisis antes de ofrecerme opciones. Senti que realmente su mayor interes era mi bienestar y no tanto cuanto me podrian cobrar! Algo dificil encontrar hoy en dia. Yo termine optando por un puente que me gusto mucho el trabajo! Altamente recomendados!read more
Most people hate the dentist. I’m not the biggest fan myself. However, since I have to go, lest my teeth fall out of my mouth, there is no better option that I’ve visited in my years than Dr. Tran. Her caring attitude and outstanding skill make my trips to the dentist as reasonably painless as a trip to the dentist can be. I would highly recommend her if you live in the Katy more
This is an affordable, modern dental office with friendly staff.
I found this place when I was looking around for a dentist whose rates were as close as possible to those of my dental insurance company. Since switching dentists I have cut hundreds of dollars off of my family’s dental bills, especially my root canal.
Savings aside, this place is great. The lobby is spacious, the receptionists are always friendly and ready to help in any way. Actually, the entire staff seem to be delighted to work there and with each other.
read more
Amazing team. From the moment I walked in I could tell that this place had a strong attention to detail. All the staff were great to work with. Also, it was great to have Dr. Tran as my dentist as I didn’t feel like she was a dentist who was trying to nickle-and-dime me for more service. She was the first dentist that didn’t try to convince me to replace my filling but instead gave me some practical advice to extend the wear of the filling for a little longer before replacing them. All-in-all a great experience!read more
booked an appointment to check out my incoming wisdom teeth after reading a few reviews on the internet and by recommendation from family. They made me an appointment for the next business day. I had my x ray done and was seen by the doctor in less than 10 minutes. Dr. Phuong Tran was very kind, making sure I felt relaxed, and told me what my options were, keeping my insurance coverage in mind. She answered all my questions and put me at ease immediately. No need for me to do my wisdom teeth yet, but I will make sure to come back for my cleanings, and whenever I do need them out I will be sure to give Mason Dentistry a call!read more
My experience here has been so different. Dr. Tran is very patient, very caring. I went for two fillings, it was such a comfortable experience that I totally forgot where I am. all in all the two fillings were finished in 30 more
The clinic is very visible on Mason Rd and Kingsland and the facilities are very clean and modern. Dr Tran is very helpful and incredibly skilled at what she does. Her hands are very dexterous and you barely feel her working on your teeth. She is also very thorough with her check ups, I feel my teeth are very well taken care of by her. I also have a dental implant placed. The surgery was performed by Dr Tran herself. It went smoothly, Dr Tran was very professional and explained to me the procedure and let me know what she was doing at every step. I recovered very quickly from the more
Dr. Tran did a root canal on one of my top left molars. The procedure was fast, professional and completely painless. She took great care, patience and pride in her work and fully explained what she was doing every step of the way. This was one of the first times I nearly enjoyed a dental visit. Very well done.👍read more
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